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Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin: Volume 28, No. 2, Fall 2010

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Practitioner's Forum

  • Natural History and Rehabilitation of the Virginia Opossum by Rose Augustine
  • "In Joyance of Things to Eat" Beginning the Study of Turtle Nutrition by Harriet Forrester
  • FLAP Birds-Dealing with Migratory Birds by Emily Meredith
  • Surgical Enucleation of Right Eye Following Traumatic Injury in Eastern Screech-Owl by Bethany DeVilbiss, DVM


  • Baseline Serum Chemistry, Hematology, and Serology Assessment in Black Bears (Ursus americanus) and Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos horribilis at a Rehabilitation Center in British Columbia by Sara Heslop and Florina Tseng, DVM