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Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin: Volume 27, No. 2, Fall 2009

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Practitioner's Forum

  • Raising Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa)--It Can Be Done by Michele Goodnam
  • Etiologies and Treatment of Genital Injuries in Juvenile Squirrels in Rehabilitation by Shirley Casey and Mackenzie Goldthwait, DVM
  • Rehabilitator's Guide to Diagnostic Postmortem Examination and Gross Pathology in Waterfowl by Natalie Padgurskis, Julia K. Whittington, DVM, and Laura Kohrt, DVM, MS
  • NWRA 2008 Member Survey Report: Part 3, Member Benefits and Services by Elaine Thrune
  • Rabies: Animal Bite Management and Specimen Submission by Robert J. Rudd

Field Notes

  • Book Reviews
  • Current Events
  • Recent Literature