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Volume 26

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2008 - 166pp 


Habitat Recommendations for Raising Large Groups of Mallard Ducklings (Anas platyrhynchos)
     Renee Schott, BS

Replacing Young Raptors Back into the Wild: Building a Raptor Replacing Team
     Andrea Howey

Waterfowl Rehabilitation Strategies: Fostering and Using Surrogates
     Miichele Goodman

SEANET: Citizen Scientists Monitor Seabird Mortality
     Mark Pokras, DVM, Julie C. Ellis, PhD, and Flo Tseng, DVM

Learning Patience with American Goldfinches (Carduelis tristis) and Other Finch Species
     Juanita Heinemann

Identification, Rehabilitation, and Natural History of Common Gulls and Terns
     Elizabeth L. Hanrahan

Magpie and Jay Rehabilitation-New Input on Crows and Ravens
     Elaine Friedman

Feather Testing to Determine a Protocol for Cleaning a Contaminated Bird
     Rebecca Dunne and Sarah Tegtmeier

Inexpensive Video Cameras: A Valuable Tool for Monitoring Raptor ‘Mouse School’ and Enrichment
     Gary Siftar


Improving Success Rates in Rehabilitation of Orphan Eastern Cottontails (Sylvilagus Floridanus)
     Karen McKenzie, MSc

Bringing a Baby Wild Animal Home for Rehabilitation
     Barbara Bellens-Picon, BA

Are You My Mother?-Fostering Wild Orphans to Wild Families
     Carol Kelly and Judy Boyd


Making Sense of Turtles
     Harriet Forrester

Rehabilitation of Venomous Snakes
     Kathy Michell

Veterinary Care

A Pharmacologic Comparison to Two Antifungal Agents and Application in Treatment of Avian Aspergillosis
     Jennifer Norton

Lead, Health, and the Environment: Old Problem and 21st Century Challenge
     Mark A. Pokras, DVM, Michelle R. Kneeland, and Joni Greenberger

ABCs of a CBC: An Introduction to Avian and Mammalian Complete Blood Count
     Dana Calhoun, BS, LVT

Avian Pneumonology-Anatomy and Medicine
     Megan S. Kirchgessner, DVM

Cleaning and Disinfection in Wildlife Rehabilitation
     Kimberly A. McMunn, MS

Administration and Management

There Is No Such Thing as a Seagull: How to Design and Implement Volunteer Training Programs for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization
     Ali Crumpacker