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Volume 17

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1999 - 198pp


Passerine Nutrition: An Overview of Current Information
     Sue Crissey

Veterinary Care and Treatment

Basics of Avian Necropsy
     Stuart L. Porter

Selected Infectious Diseases of Birds of Prey
     Michael P. Jones

Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis in Songbirds (abstract)
     David H. Ley

Hemorrhagic Disease of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) (abstract)
     Victor F. Nettles

Use of Pharyngostomy tubes in Opossums (Didelphis virginiana)
     Tracey Neff

Management of Spinal Injuries in Wild Mammals
     Julie Séguin

Captive-Care: Treatment and Techniques

Hand-rearing Common Loons (Gavia immer)
     Janice Enright

Raising Cattle Egret Chicks (Bubulcus ibis)
     Jen Friedel, Cheryl Hoggard

Captive-rearing Woodchucks (Marmota monax)
     Sandy Heyn

Behavioral Enrichment for Mammals
     Sandy Heyn

Rehabilitation of Least Weasels (Mustela nivalis)
     Tanya L Iacaruso

Reuniting Juvenile Wild Mammals with Their Mothers
     Bridget Sparks, Shirley J. Casey

Bird Banding Techniques Useful for Wildlife Rehabilitation
     Elizabeth L. Hanrahan

Keeping Animal Records
     Penelope S. Eastham


Basic Care of Young Raptors
    Mathias Engelmann

Identification of Eastern North American Juvenile Raptors
     Betty O'Leary

Education, Sponsors, and Taxes

Matters of the Heart
     Mindy H. Washington

Cat Predation on Birds and Other Wildlife and the Cats Indoors! Campaign
     Linda Winter

The Section 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exemption: A Quick Overview
     Allan M. Casey III

Sponsorship of New Wildlife Rehabilitators
     Shirley J. Casey