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Volume 15

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1997 - 240pp


Emergency Assessment & Triage of Aquatic Birds
     Florina S. Tseng

Circulatory Shock & Fluid Therapy
     John Huckabee

Raptor Bumblefoot: A Therapy Utilizing Thermoplastic Casts
     Pedynowski, Payne, Major & Soucy

Common Diseases & Injuries of Wild Urban Songbirds
     Erica A. Miller

Parasites of Raptors & Developing a Parasite Monitoring & Prevention Program
     Teresa Y. Morishita

An Examination of Newcasatle Disease Virus in Wild Birds
     Hilary Pittel

Ocular Lesions in Raptors: Common Presentaions, Management & the Assessment of Visual Acuity
     Jennifer A. Lewando

Conjunctivitis in Ohio's Free-living Passerines
     Pyone Pyone Aye, Teresa Y. Morishita, Bob Bills

Effects of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors on Wildlife & Humans
     Brent D. Palmer

Captive Care and Management 

Hand-rearing Songbirds
     Bea Orendorff

Wing Loading Factors for Avian Weight Management
     Porter, McPhilips & Prager

Raising a Single Bobcat Kitten (Felis rufus): Avoiding Human Habituation
     Howell, Macias

Release and Translocation 

Post-release Behaviors of Captive-reared Fox Squirrels and Eastern Gray Squirrels (Sciurs niger & S. Carolinensis)
     Jennifer Smith, Keston Woodyatt

Capture & Translocation as a Technique for Reduction of Metropolitan White-tailed Deer Populations (Odocoileus virginianus)
     Leon Nielsen

Education and Volunteers 

Earthworms Do the Twist: Wildlife Presentations for Middle & High School Students
        Jeannie Lord

Help Wanted: Orphan Raisers- Preceptor & Apprentice Programs
     Amanda H. Daum, Donna L. Sweet

Utilizing Volunteers in the Clinic
        Vicky Vosburg

ce Programs Amanda H. Daum, Donna L. Sweet Utilizing Volunteers in the Clinic Vicky Vosburg