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Volume 11

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1993 - 204pp



Avian Bandaging Techniques
     Barbara J Talbot, Gail Buhl

Orthopedic Appliance for Web-footed Birds
     Barbara Suto

Care of Oiled Seabirds: A Veterinary Perspective
     Florina S Tseng

Basic Rehabilitation of Seabirds
     Jennifer Lucitti

Antibiotics: An Introduction and Description
     Erica A Miller, Pamela A Reger

Infections in Bushtits & Goldfinches (Psaltriparus minimus and Carduelis species)
     Meryl A. Faulkner

Parasitology: A Practical Approach
     Erica A. Miller

A Diagnostic Approach to Wildlife Toxicoses
     Konnie H. Plumlee

Captive Management, Rehabilitation and Release 

Biological & Behavioral Parameters as Release Criteria: The Fate of Rehabilitated Harbor Seal Orphans (Phoca vitulina richardsi)
     Lance Morgan, Krista Hanni, Laurie Gage, Dawn M. Smith, Sara Allen

Suitability of Captive-reared Bats for Release: A Post-release Study of a Captive-reared Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus)
     Bruce Adkins, Jeanne Wasserman

The Supplemental Care of Nestling Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens) Translocated Within a Disturbed Nesting Colony
     Curt Clumpner, Jeanne Wasserman

Widlife Rehabilitation, Conservation Biology, and Complex Avian Social Systems
     Mark T Stanback

Hand-rearing of Orphaned California Sea Lions (Zalophus califonianus) for Release to the Wild
     Dawn M Smith

Some Considerations in Enclosure Design and Construction
     Kip Parker

Composting Bird Wastes and Mortalities
     Daniel H Peterson, Lyndon N Irwin, Walter C Crawford, Jr

Rehabilitating and Volunteers

The Value of Wildlife Rehabilitation
     Terry A Schulz

How to Get and Keep Good Volunteers
     Agnes R Spurlock