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Volume 10

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1992 - 241pp



Laboratory Diagnostic Testing in Wildlife Rehabilitation
     Stuart L Porter

Principles of Wound Management and Bandaging
     Florina S Tseng

Squirrel Fibroma Virus: Review and Case Reports
     Erica A Miller

Captive Management and Rehabilitation

Avian and Mammalian Cage Construction
     Deborah G Cooper, David M Cooper

Hand-rearing Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata)
     Bea Orendorff

Natural History and Rehabilitation of Mergansers
     Kirstine M Thorne

Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Ground Squirrels
     Pamela A Reger

Care of Young Gray Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis and S. Griseus) and the Independent Rehabilitator
     Penelope S Eastham

Primary Care of Orphaned and Injured Harbor Seal Pups (Phoca vitulina)
     Dawn M Smith, Michael Stone

Emergency Care of Stranded Cetaceans
     Dawn Smith, Michael Stone, Kenneth Lee

Ethics of Killing and Food Acquisition, Preparation, and Storage for Owls
     Kip Parker

Mammal Social Behavior and Wildlife Rehabilitation: Lessons from Observations of Nonhuman Primates
     Evan L Zucker

Life Histories of Selected North American Marsh Birds
     Kirstine M Thorne

Networking, Attitudes, and Stress Management 

People Working with People for Wildlife: An Overview of Wildlife Rehabilitaion in New York
     Kelly Bolton, Patrick Martin

Wildlife Rehabilitators' Attitudes and Motivations: Insights from New York
     William F Siemer, Tommy L Brown

Stress Management for Wildlife Rehabilitators
     Michael Fry


In-service Training Programs for Law Enforcement Agencies Working with Wildlife Rehabilitators
     Barbara Olds, Michael C Zich

Using Live Animals in Education
     Melissa Horton, Joe Maierhauser