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Thoughts for Food

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edited by Ardi Abate 

Updated 2009 by Mark D Finke, PhD

47 pp


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: 

Introduction to Insectivores 
Vitamins & Minerals from Natural Food Sources 
Preview of Chapter Contents 

Chapter 2: The Big Six in Feeder Bugs 

Acheta domestica - Crickets 
Galleria mellonella - Waxworms and Wax Moths 
Tenebrio molitor - Mealworms and Grain Beetles 
Zophobus morio - Superworms (Kingworms) and Darkling Beetles 
Musca domestica, Sarcophaga bullata, Calliphora vicina - Flies 
Drosophila species - Fruit Flies 

Chapter 3: Variety is the Spice of Life 

Bombyx mori - Silkworms and Silk Moths 
Manduca sexta - Hornworms and Sphinx Moths 
Blaberus and Gromphadorphina species - Death's Head & Hissing Roaches 
Birds as prey 
Lizards as prey 

Chapter 4: Catch as Catch Can 

Pantry Pests: Pyralidae Family - Meal Moths and larvae 
Grasshoppers, Locusts and Katydids 
Tetrigidae Family - Pygmy Grasshoppers 
Phasmida Order - Stick-Insects and Leaf-Insects 
Garden Pests 
Night-flying Moths and other Nocturnal Insects


Invertebrates and the Law 
Buying Guide: Sources for Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Housing, Culture (Food) Mediums, various Supplies and Equipment to hunt and capture prey