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Sessions and Roundtables


Each session is two to four hours in length with a series of presentations on the topic. Sessions are open to all registrants and do not require signup. Check the list below for exciting previews. Visit  this page in December for an update with additional listings.


Avian Session

  • Problems with Rehabilitation & Release of Big Black Birds
  • Rehabilitation Challenges of Bald & Golden Eagles
  • Wound Management: A Surgical Approach to Propatagial Repair
  • Fowl Language
  • Ocular Injuries in Adult Songbirds In Captive Care: A New Concern
Administration Session
  • Grant Writing 101
  • Succession Planning: Transitioning from a Founder-driven Organization
  • My Journey to Nonprofit Status
  • Networking for Wildlife

Community & Communications Session

  • Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Wildlife Rehabilitation 
  • Learn to Speak Vet

Diagnostics & Parasites Session

  • Protozoan Parasites: Implications for Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • Ick of Ticks
  • Life & Consequences of Avian Blood Parasites (Hemoparasites)
  • Mange in California Wildlife: The San Joaquin Kit Fox as a Case Study
  • Avian Hematology & Chemistry Evaluation: Guidelines for Use in the Injured Raptor

Education Session

  • Incorporating STEM into Wildlife Education
  • Rehabilitator Training through Hands-on Workshops

Enrichment Session

  • Enriching the Mind
  • More than just a Perch: Creating Caging that Works for You & your Patients!

Assorted Topics Session 

  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for the Wildlife Patient
  • WRMD: Overview, Updates, New Features
  • Incubation & Hatching Reptile Eggs: It's Not like Birds!
  • Excuse me, Waiter ... There's a Clowder in my Chowder

Interns & Volunteers Session 

  • A Season of Wildlife Rehabilitation: An Intern's Perspective on Three Different Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers & What We Can Learn from One Another 
  • Enticing Internships from Undergrads to Veterinarians
  • Making the Most of your Internships
  • Manage and Protect Volunteers At Your Rehab Center

Mammal Session

  • Black Bear Rehabilitation: Rehabilitating Large Mammals in an Ever-changing Landscape
  • Virginia Opossum Care: Using Science to Aid Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • GI Disease in Weanling Cottontails

Release & Survival Session

  • Release Considerations Revisited
  • Fostering for Survival
  • Release more Animals! AKA Making Numbers Fun!

Standards of Care Session 

  • Righting the Ship:  How Small Changes Have Big Effects
  • Ethics & Stress in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Veterinary Session 

  • Is Critical & Intensive Care Worth it in Wildlife?
  • Dealing with Hypothermia after Anesthesia: Why It Happens and Why Do We Care?
  • Resistance is Growing! An Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance in Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy: Tips, Tricks, & Research

Urban Wildlife Conflict

  • Teach the Tormentor to be Tolerant: The Use of Humane Harassment in Wildlife Center Outreach
  • Ethical Wildlife Control

Waterbirds Session 

  • Effects of Dextrose on Survival of Cold Seabirds
  • Complete Waterfowl Care

Wound Management Session 

  • Evaluating Wounds & Managing Them: A Veterinary Perspective
  • Wound Management Tips & Case Studies
 And join us Wednesday evening for roundtables on
  • So You are the Boss: Now What?
  • Tennessee's Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Permitting Program
  • Over Capacity! Dealing with a Rapid Influx of Patients!

Workshop Lectures

Workshop Lectures are open to all attendees with no preregistration required. If you are not able to attend the workshops, these lectures supply excellent information.

  • Baseline Diagnostic Assessment
  • Basic Bat Rehabilitation
  • Aquatic Bird Waterproofing & Protective Wrap
  • Patient Assessment & Effective Use of Fluid Therapy in Wildlife Medicine
  • Avian Necropsy